Innovation Key To Tackle New Tobacco Regulations

Offering tobacco brands a point of difference in their packaging is essential for them to survive new regulations and remain competitive, according to managing director at Parkside, Nick Smith.

The packaging manufacturer is a leading supplier to the tobacco industry and is focused on developing a range of innovative pack formats to counter the impact of new regulations, which come into force in Europe next month (May 2016).

The new rules will mean that the packaging of all cigarettes sold in Europe will have to be uniform in size and shape with increased graphic health-warning images covering 65% of the front and back of packs.

Mr Smith said: “Innovation is crucial for tobacco and cigarette manufacturers if they are to remain competitive following the legislative changes. At Parkside we pride ourselves in our ability to continually innovate to help customers adapt and incorporate these new regulations into their products.”

Parkside has a tobacco portfolio that includes printed films, papers and foils, pack wraps and pouch products.

Mr Smith added: “We recognise that there will be an impact on our European print business but we remain focused on developing unique and pioneering solutions. One of our new and exciting technologies is Parkscribe™, a laser scribing technology capable of laser cutting and perforating a wide range of materials. Utilising Parkscribe, we have created reclosable pack designs to avoid tobacco products from drying out, as well as securely locked pouches that have an easy peel design built in.”

Parkside’s fully accredited compostable packaging designs are ideal for the tobacco industry as well as food applications. Among its portfolio are industrial and home compostable multi-layer printed barrier laminates, which have received 19 recognised industry accreditations. Parkside is thought to be the first flexible packaging manufacturer to create such a product range.

Mr Smith said: “The challenge of recycling flexible packaging is well known and Parkside is now offering a credible alternative solution to landfill. Industrial and home compostable products are a big step forward for the industry and opens up significant opportunities for us to develop business with customers working with green, organic and environmentally sensitive brands.

“The Advanced Packaging Expertise (APEX) Innovation team at Parkside is now working to integrate this technology and others into our packaging solutions which cater to the tobacco market. These will deliver cost effective products that continue to deliver functionality and address sustainable and environmental requirements whilst complying with new regulations.”

Parkside has been supplying high quality, bespoke packaging solutions to the tobacco industry for more than 40 years. Although new regulations in Europe may impact on the business, the company remains focused on developing unique and pioneering solutions to mitigate this and provide new growth opportunities in key markets.